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Cookie with girlCookie the Clown

Remember Cookie the Clown?

Cookie the Clown performed all over the greater Toledo, Ohio area from 1989 to 2014. He was a regular at the annual MDA Telethon and many other venues around town.


"Cookie" got his start as a clown while serving in the US Army from 1985 to 1988. During that time he was stationed in Germany and Fort Hood, Texas. Being a cook in the Army, people naturally nicknamed him "Cookie", so he took on that name as a performer. When he left the Army, he brought his talent back to his hometown of Toledo, Ohio, to entertain kids of all ages. He became a regular of many summer and fall fundraising events like the MDA Car show and the MDA Telethon at WTVG, Channel 13. "Cookie" has warmed the hearts of hundreds of children in the greater Toledo area over the years and his name has become synonymous with laughter and enjoyment.

The Toledo Blade has featured many events where "Cookie" was entertaining. Just back in 2013, he was spotted making his famous balloon animals for kids at the Centennial Terrace Independence Day Celebration.

These days "Cookie" has passed the baton on to Crazy Dave with all the same zany madcap hyjinx and more. Check out the Crazy Dave page for more info or go ahead and give Crazy Dave a call now and schedule him for your next event!