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Dave's Old Fashioned

Comedy Hypnotist Show

From backyard events to school proms and everything in between, Dave's Old Fashioned Hypnotist show is always a crowd-pleaser. With 16 years of experience doing this show, Dave knows how to get a crowd laughing. Volunteers from the audience are brought up on stage and put in a trance by Dave's magic voice. Hilarity ensues when he makes them do the silliest things. Depending on the crowd, these shows can be rated PG or can go up to a rated R version. He makes them do crazy things like cry because they are watching a sad movie to shivering because they think the air conditioner has gone haywire. He can have them make cuckoo bird noises every time he mentions the time. All of it is done in fun and the victims/volunteers only remember what Dave wants them to. So, for a show that will have your guests talking about it for weeks afterwards, Contact Dave and schedule this act for your next event.